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about lucerne alpine senior center

The story of our senior center dates back to the 1950's, when a group of residents in the Country Club Estates (mobile home park) decided to create the Lucerne Seniors Social Club (LSSC) to remedy their isolation as older adults – providing membership services and social gatherings, for themselves and their neighbors.

From its humble beginnings in a tiny clubhouse on the front lawn of the mobile home park to the purchase of the former Lucerne Elementary School in 1978, the membership-only social club grew in numbers and strength as the hub of vital community services. 

Like all great clubs, the members enjoyed activities, food, kinship, and neighborhood help together. Recognizing the community-wide needs of their aging members and families, the club sponsored the creation of the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center (LASC) to serve all of the towns and places in the Northshore – the basis of our present service area (Kono Tayee to Blue Lakes). 


Lucerne Alpine Seniors, Inc. (LASI) was incorporated in 1985, using space in the old school building rented from the Lucerne Seniors Social Club. In 1988, the club donated the whole facility to the newly formed non-profit, which became the institution we know and love today. 

Today, the Lucerne Alpine Senior Center board of directors and other dedicated volunteers are working to bring back a complete program of services and fulfill LASC's mission after two extremely challenging years of pandemic and natural disasters. With the help of generous community members, local businesses, and agencies, we are renovating our historic building, making needed system changes and offering essential services, as well as new activities and opportunities for seniors.

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